• Welcome to my little piece of the web! I love photography and I love photographing special people and moments. Among some of those are my own little bitties and close friends. People I've photographed, more often than not, become friends of mine. That's what you will see here. Enjoy!

She is such a sweet big sister and has had a wonderfully relaxing summer!


This spot was gorgeous…I got to shoot at The Broadmoor here in Colorado Springs. Just being on their property makes you feel good. There is nothing but gorgeous, breathtaking views all around you. I know it’s beautiful here, but being in that spot with luscious greenery and flowers and Pike’s Peak in the distance is just quite the way to start a day! This little man is the big brother of the one-year old little guy I was photographing on this day. I couldn’t help but snap this image when I saw him peeking in the window.

Colorado Springs Mini Sessions will be held on Sunday, October 11. Only a few spots remaining, so let me know if you’re interested!!

Somehow time just keeps flying by and we find ourselves with a baby girl at seven months old. How in the world is she seven months old already??? Here are a few of her pictures from her seven month session. And, yes, her eyes really are that blue. I didn’t do anything in post processing to create these gorgeous baby blues. They are all hers!

I can’t believe they’re mine!

This sweet preemie baby…she posed like a perfect newborn at four months old!!

Sometimes I have a picture in my mind I want to capture. When I saw this scene, this was exactly what I hoped for in the final result. Shooting is only the first part of the portrait; the editing process is where creativity can really come alive. I love when clients are totally open to my creative side and welcome my photographic eye to capture their family. That trust is one of the most exciting things for a photographer and when choosing clients, it is definitely something I look for.

What a precious puppy…and a perfect Christmas present!

I love how angelic this little beauty is…she truly is my heart outside of my body!