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I am FINALLY posting my own baby’s newborn pictures. The past couple of months have been somewhat of a blur…I still can’t make out a complete sentence properly, and that is saying a lot since one of my degrees is in teaching English. Ha!

Adelaide Grace made her debut on August 24 of this year weighing 5 pounds, 10 ounces and was 18 inches long. She was born at 35 weeks gestation from my water breaking. I really dislike being pregnant. I am grateful that I can get pregnant without trouble, but my pregnancies bring a lot with them; whether that be rough sickness for the majority of the pregnancy, gestational diabetes, or in this case, the uncertainty of the outcome of her birth. I tested rather high for the potential of her having Trisomy 18 around 20 weeks. My anatomy ultrasound looked good, so we opted out of any further testing. We walked through the reality of a Trisomy 18 baby with some of our close friends, and so I know what that looks like. I also know there are a lot of false positives these tests produce; however, when it’s your baby, it’s really hard not to focus more on the worst result. We tried to prepare ourselves for what could happen.  I still remember right before she was born…I remember thinking, “this is it!” I have watched my husband leave for war, I have prayed with my grandmother through cancer, but there really isn’t a braver thing I’ve had to do than give birth to a baby I didn’t know whether or not she would live. She was born and went directly to the NICU. She couldn’t breathe on her own for about a month and at night needed oxygen until two months of age. We learned when she was around 9 days old that she had no chromosomal abnormalities. I remember holding her in the NICU and not knowing if she would be coming home. She looked good; she looked like my other kids. I would just look at her as I held her…and just cry. One of my favorite nurses, Lori, called to tell me when the results came back that she was fine. I think I will remember until I die every word my OB said when she called to tell me the test results and I will equally remember the call from Lori of the chromosome results. Then I went shopping…because she was here to stay!

So….here is Adelaide Grace!

This image is more for me than anything else…I had to keep her oxygen close as I did this session with her. Since it was so close, I had to document the oxygen cord.

This is her at one month old…

What a precious addition to our family! I feel so lucky to be the mom of four girls, and before anyone asks…our family is now complete!

I snuck up on her playing to take her picture, but I got caught!! She keeps telling me, “No pictures, Mommy!!” and usually puts her hands in front of her face. I’m having to get creative.