• Welcome to my little piece of the web! I love photography and I love photographing special people and moments. Among some of those are my own little bitties and close friends. People I've photographed, more often than not, become friends of mine. That's what you will see here. Enjoy!

Evangeline with her buddy, Lincoln. They were enjoying looking at the stream beyond the fence. They wanted so badly to be closer.

A rainy day is a perfect excuse to rest and watch a movie together.

Avery Dot…she plays hard and rests hard. She is my child that when I tell her she’s taking a nap, she doesn’t complain. She has always loved sleeping; in fact, as a baby,  she climbed into her crib and fell asleep. I found her when I went in her room to check on her after she was being too quiet. Most kids would be getting into trouble (that’s what my others ones are up to when it’s too quiet), but Ave was sleeping. Hahaha!

Adelaide’s very favorite toy…her elephant. It always makes her happy.:)

They love watching YouTube videos…and I love hearing them laughing.

Adelaide broke her first tooth through this past week. She has been pretty unhappy about it and doesn’t want to be too far from me. I was cooking the other day and she was staying close. Right now, if I leave the room, she surely lets me know she wants me close.

We have had a lot of cloudy days and rain/hail/snow…ready for the sun! While we had a little puddle, we decided to dance in the rain!!


One of my very favorite places to be is in MS at Andy’s parents and grandmother’s house. This is from his grandmother’s home. I have always loved seeing this flag on her property. When we were there last, I photographed it.

She LOVES to play Barbies. Like really really really LOVES them. The story lines she comes up with for a three year old just crack me up. Isn’t it fun to sit and listen to what they say???

Swimsuits are out in our home. Of course, it is May. These girls are definitely Texans at heart (from birth) and think the weather here in CO is the same as Texas, I suppose. They will be walking around with swimsuits on all while the fire is burning in the family room.

Three-year-old preschool…coloring a cow.

Baby feet…they just never get old. So sweet and tiny!


12 years and counting of marital bliss…

Sister Love…

A good picture of what dinner at our house looks like. This picture is not technically correct but I LOVE it!!

My babies have all slept in the same crib. This is not normally a view I photograph on the crib, but it is one of my favorite parts of the bed. #teethingpains

Water guns…WATCH OUT!

Baby girl, I’ll always hold your hand!

It’s all about her and that is ok with me!

This smile is contagious.


Waiting for cupcakes…


Kinsey made me this heart from a paperclip…


Her favorite toy…


Snowy night…


From my someone special…


She’s a snuggle bug…

Somehow time just keeps flying by and we find ourselves with a baby girl at seven months old. How in the world is she seven months old already??? Here are a few of her pictures from her seven month session. And, yes, her eyes really are that blue. I didn’t do anything in post processing to create these gorgeous baby blues. They are all hers!